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Time: 45-60 minutes. Difficulty: 1.

Trailhead: The beginning of this trail is at the southern extremity of Grand Anse d'Arlet Beach between two houses. Park along the road. After taking the path behind the last houses on the beach, follow a gently sloping path on the flank of Morne Champagne (Champagne Hill).

This is a short and pleasant walk to a splendid view. All along this road you'll see blocks of black rock: these are landesite, a form of lava, carved by erosion. In about 10 minutes you'll arrive at a savannah surrounded in the north, east, and west by a fairly steep cliff.

You are now standing in the crater of a volcano, Champagne Bluff, which has eroded over the past several million years. This is a great view of Grande Anse, its beach and the crystal-clear water where many sailboats are moored.

The path then leads to a small house. Not far from here you'll see a small pond bordered by calabash trees and large pear trees. This tranquil site is ideal for a picnic. Return by the same route.

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