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From the ridge joining Lacroix to Morne Piquet, looking east you'll spot the interior of the peaks, the sources of Riviere Blanche (White River), the almost vertical slopes of Alma and Dumauze peaks, a landscape both languid and harsh.

Ninety minutes you'll arrive at the summit of Morne Piquet (1,160m), overlooking the contorted region of Fonds Saint-Denis.

During the descent to the Caplet district you'll encounter the steepest slopes of the trail: muddy toboggan runs of 10 meters or so, best dealt with by sliding down on the seat of your pants. The

ridge is sometimes only 10 centimeters wide. Fortunately, the vegetation becomes gradually denser, giving you more to hold on to. But watch out for razor grass; it can cut you badly.

An hour later you'll arrive at the foot of Morne Modeste, where your path crosses the trail between Morne Vert and Fonds Saint-Denis. If you go left it will take another 30 minutes to reach the Caplet district's rich grasslands.

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