The Mexican Caribbean
Including Cancun

The Riviera Maya is becoming the most popular foreign destination for U.S. travelers. It's easy to see why.

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Mexican Caribbean
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Most people don't think of Mexico as a Caribbean nation, but a glimpse at the map tells you otherwise: the tropical coasts of the Yucatan peninsula border the Caribbean and share in its crystalline waters and dependable sun.

Mexico's major Caribbean destinations include:

This carefully-planned mega-resort is now a worldwide destination for good reasons. More...

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Cancun's Sailfishing
It's outstanding in the spring, among the world's best. More . .

Playa Del Carmen
Located south of Cancun, the beach at Playa del Carmen may surpass Cancun's.

Isla Mujeres
This fishing village may be growing larger but it's still mostly authentic Mexico. Jacques Cousteau made it famous for its sleeping sharks. More...

Isla Contoy
A small island right at the tip of the peninsula is preserved as a bird and wildlife sanctuary, and you can visit it. More...

Jacques Cousteau made this island famous. The excellent scuba diving he discovered is still there. More...

Forget Egypt! Here you can see ancient pyramids jutting up above the jungle canopy. More...

Villas Archeológicas
These small inns were built next to Yucatan's prime archeological sites to provide charming lodgings for visitors.