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St. Barts Clothing Optional Beaches

In St Barts, total nudity officially is allowed only on private beaches. However, the law usually is not enforced at Anse de Grande Saline or Anse du Gouverneur. unless someone draws attention to themselves. As for topless bathing, that's routine for both women and men.

St Barts has two nudist or clothing optional beaches, Anse de Grande Saline and Anse du Gouverneur. classAnse de Grande Saline is located on the island's Southern shore between Anse du Gouverneur and Grand Fond. Compared to the more famous and more crowded Orient Beach on St. Martin, you'll find Grande Saline much less crowded.

Grande Saline is a fairly long stretch of sand, which makes it easy to move off by yourself to swim or sunbathe. The path to it is rocky, not ideal for bare feet.

Anse du Gouverneur to the west is another strand frequented by nudists in small numbers They have no facilities, however, for food or drinks. You'll need to bring your own refreshments.

Consider bringing a beach umbrella due to the lack of shade.

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