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St. Barts Arrival Briefing
Part 2

The charm of St. Barts is in its small properties.

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Dress: As befits an island, the dress code is informal but realistic. Bathing suits are not fitting for town but shorts and blue jeans are during the day. Sensibly, jackets and ties are not necessary in the evening.

Taxes & Tipping: Many hotels add a 10%-15% service charge. Always ask if this has been added to your bill so you don't tip twice. Taxi drivers expect 10% of their fare.

Getting Around: There are about 8 car rental companies, including Budget and Europcar. Advance reservations are recommended particularly in winter. The island's 2 gas stations are closed on Sunday and in the evenings. There are 2 taxi stations, one at the airport and the other in Gustavia. You can reach almost anywhere on the island in about 20 minutes, though the narrow winding roads may be a challenge for some. Driving in on the right.

Where to Stay: Amazingly, unlike anywhere else in the Caribbean, almost half the accommodations are family run apartments, villas and cottages. The island's largest hotel has only 76 rooms. Most properties are half that size and even smaller. Local authorities have placed size restrictions on new hotels. They help St. Barts retain its distinctive charm. Another surprise is how many beaches still lack development. It's easier to find hillside rooms than those located right on the water. St. Barts small properties emphasize privacy and individualized service, which attracts many media celebrities, especially in winter.

Snakes and Other Venomous Creatures: None.

Safety & Health Warnings:
Don't leave valuables in your car or on the beach.

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