St. Kitts
Arrival Briefing
Part 2

Walking in the rain forest is one of the most popular activities.

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Camping: No campgrounds. Check with a hiking operator to see what they may be able to provide.

Hiking/Walking Services: Greg's Safaris, c/o the OTI, P.O. Box 65, Basseterre, St. Kitts, WI; 869/465-4121/5209; email g-safari@caribsurf.com. Greg Pereira and his staff offer a full-day volcano tour, a five-hour rain forest tour and a six-hour plantation tour.

Using four-wheel drive vehicles for the most remote areas, Greg has been conducting organized hikes around St. Kitts for years. He is a well-informed naturalist who believes in keeping his charges fueled with lots to eat and drink.

A rest break after a hike tends to be more of an elaborate picnic than just a few snacks. Greg's Plantation Tour includes lunch at a private, 250-year old cut stone great house surrounded by exotic gardens.

Also offering hikes is Kriss Tours at New Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts, WI; 869/465-4042.  

Snakes & Other Venomous Creatures: None.

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