St. Maarten Beaches with Attitude
Part 3

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St. Maarten Beaches Part 3

Mullet Bay Beach

Although the resort here has yet to reopen following its plunder by Hurricane Luis, Mullet Bay Beach traditionally has been the most popular shoreline on all of St. Maarten. It's one of those postcard, palm lined beaches which in actuality are so rare. Some watersports equipment and chair/umbrella rentals are available. Expect crowds on weekends.

Cupecoy Beach

Located on the western border of St. Maarten, Cupecoy Beach has adopted the clothing optional policy of the nearby nude beaches of St. Martin.

Yet Cupecoy Beach already was popular well before it became topless and bottomless thanks to its striking sandstone cliffs and the unique series of small caves that line the shore.

If on your first visit the cliffs and caves somehow seem familiar, it's because this is the beach where all those sun and sand magazine ads for St. Maarten were photographed.

If you get to Cupecoy early enough, you might be able to claim a small cave for a personal sun shelter. At high tide, sand is a scarce commodity in some sections of the beach, so arrive--and leave?accordingly. The surf also can be quite strong.

Cupecoy is another good place to bring your own refreshments since some local entrepreneur selling drinks from his cooler might not come walking by. At one end of Cupecoy is the Wyndham Sapphire Beach Club & Resort.

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