St. Martin,
Loterie Farm
An eco attraction with some interesting walks

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Loterie Farm, St. Martin

The 150 acres of farmland, tropical forest and mountainous terrain is an Eco attraction that offers perhaps the island’s most challenging hike which passes through the island’s only remaining tropical forest system. All of the land on the right side of Route Pic Paradis belongs to Loterie Farm, an 18th century sugarcane plantation whose ruins were only recently discovered.

In order not to change the environment too drastically, only a limited number of visitors are permitted each day. There is a basic admission charge to the farm itself. Other fees vary according to the activities you select.

Length: 4 miles maximum. Time: Hikes vary from 45 minutes to 4 hours. Difficulty: 1-2. Trailhead: On the French side, at the base of Paradise Peak. Entrance is on the right about 500 meters after you turn onto Route Pic Paradis.

The showcase walk is the 2.5-hour “Eco challenge hike” that follows a previously hidden 18th century supply route. The trail, just under four miles, winds its way up to the top of the relatively cool, almost always windswept Paradise Peak (Pic Paradise). Along the way you will pass small waterfalls and pools for bathing.

The Source is a 45-minute guided walk following a fern-bordered dry riverbed. The walk enters the island’s only tropical humid forest that also features mango trees, royal palms and a good opportunity for birding.

A sunset hike and campfire party is offered in the evening. A small, eclectic restaurant offers breakfast and lunch. For information, call 011 590-878616 or email loteriefarm@yahoo.com.

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