Fort King George

Talk about a prize! Tobago changed hands 31 times in 200 years.

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Location: Overlooking the city of Scarborough.

Historic sites don't play a major part in walking & hiking around Tobago, but this magnificently restored fort 400 feet above the capital city of Scarborough has beautifully kept walking paths and excellent panoramic views.

Built in 1777, Fort King George consists of a lighthouse, powder magazine and officer's mess. One building has been converted into an art gallery.

Lots of cannon on display, and either these or their ancestors were put to good use.

After a prolonged battle, the French took the fort, renamed it Fort Castries and occupied it from 1781-1793. Recaptured by the British, it changed hands in battle several more times, so it's amazing anything at all is left. It was abandoned in 1854.

Locals will tell you that Tobago changed hands politically 31 times in 200 years, making their island one of the most traded/fought for landfalls in the Caribbean. Tobagoans are kind of proud for having been so highly prized.

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