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Tobago International Cycling Classic

The annual Tobago International Cycling Classic attracts top Caribbean and local cyclists for a stage-5 tour of Tobago in late September.

Held for more than 20 years, in 2007 the race took a new turn with the opening of the new Link Road from Bloody Bay to L’Anse Fourmi, then on to Charlotteville and Speyside,

Race organizers were impressed with this new leg, calling it the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ because of the sometimes brutal uphill climbs through the rainforest reserve on one side. From the top of the rainforest reserve, it’s a steep decline down to the Caribbean.   

In addition to the varied scenery the new road added, it also served as the link for  connecting the coastal villages of Bloody Bay to Charlotteville and Speyside.

Until the new road was completed, it was necessary to travel to the other side of Tobago to reach the “neighboring” village.

Each race has an official Cycling Village headquartered at several properties with special rates for competitors. In the past, the Crown Point Beach Hotel and the Johnston Apartments have served as the cycling village.

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