Trinidad's Nesting
Leatherback Turtles
Part 4

The walk to Paria Bay is a popular day hike outside of turtle nesting season.

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The night's sleep totals perhaps 2 hours but that doesn't stop us from visiting Paria Falls before we break camp to head back. The falls, only about 20 minutes walk from the beach, require some deep wading to reach, but the best part is the walk leading to them.

The surrounding landscape is a rich garden of at least a thousand peace plants, all kinds of ferns and more. It's like touring someone's private garden.

We return by a different route, along an undulating coastal trail instead of through deep forest. We pass several spectacular rock formations and a couple of scenic vistas, but a breeze is scarce, my backpack heavy and the high humidity makes it difficult to fully appreciate anything but the thought of a swim at the end of our road.

I feel a strong kinship with the nesting turtles as I lather back.

Hiking to Paria Bay/Paria Falls is good anytime of year, but the prime leatherback nesting season is mid-March to May. Wildways, which specializes in hiking and kayaking on both Trinidad and Tobago, supplies naturalist guides and complete camping equipment for its overnight hikes. A complete list of their activities is available at www.wildways.org . For more information, phone or fax 868-623-7332 or email info@wildways.org.

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