The Magnificent Seven
Queen's Park Savannah

They take up the Savannah's entire western edge

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These are all European styled mansions that represent some of the finest surviving European architecture anywhere. They do deserve the title magnificent, though some are becoming more run down. All but one was built in 1904.

They are best photographed in the early morning sun before the area becomes crowded. Do not walk here at night.

Going northwards along the Savannah , the first building is Queen's Royal College, a German renaissance design.

Next is Hayes Court, residence of the Anglican bishop, built in 1910.

Third is Ambar's House or Roomo, built in the French Baroque style with marble imported from Italy .

Fourth is "Mille Fleurs" or Prada's House, a town house typical of the turn-of-the-century with impressive iron fretwork.

Fifth is the Roman Catholic archbishop's home built in 1904.

Next to it is the opulent Moorish-style mansion known as White Hall that is the Prime Minister's office.

The last of the "Magnificent Seven" is Killarney, a brick and turreted residence also called the Stollmeyer house after the family who built this miniature Rhine castle.

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