Mt. Tabor/St. Benedict Monastery
A very picturesque spot at bargain prices.

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Time: 1-3 hours, depending on trail. Difficulty: 2-3. Trailhead: The monastery is reached through Tunapuna via the Eastern Main Road with a turnoff at St. John's Road.

At 1,800 feet, Mt. Tabor supplies some impressive views of Port-of-Spain on the west, El Tucuche to the north and the Caroni Plains to the south.

Hiking trails begin at the Mount St. Benedict monastery, which has a public guesthouse. The rates for lodging, breakfast and dinner are quite reasonable.

The guesthouse grounds, located at 800 feet elevation, are filled with birds at daybreak and twilight.

Trails lead to the top of the peak and to various parts of the mountain. All tend to be steep but not too difficult.

Photography seminars are held here periodically.

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