The Art of Pan

And we're not talking about
baking bread, either.

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Pan and Carnival

Amazing but true: the oil drum tops which create all the sounds of a steel band are considered the only new musical instrument of modern times.

Known locally as pan, steel band beating is an outgrowth of the religious drumming traditions of both Africa and India. Steel band competitions are equivalent to national football and soccer league championship clashes.

The Super Bowl occurs at Carnival, where the steel bands are Carnival are like nowhere else. They are enormous, with 300 to 500 players.

You may sometimes even hear classical music mixed with the soca and calypso.

New! Carnival Photo Gallery.

Common carnival lingo: "Make ah mash Mas," to thoroughly get into the party spirit.

"Fete" is the same as party.

"Wine:" not something to drink but a suggestive motion of the hips.

If someone wants to "wine" with you, they may want to simulate sex with you with a rapid flurry of hip grinds (but never touching). See the Photo Gallery.

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