Paria Falls
This is the detailed description of the day walk to where I camped out to see leatherback turtles described
just before this listing.

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Time: 3-1/2 hours each way. Difficulty: 3. Take snacks and water. Trailhead: Taking the Arima-Blanchisseuse Road , go east 6.4km. to Brasso Seco and turn left onto the Paria Morne Blue Road.

You'll have to leave your car near a house and walk to the 4-3/4 mile post where there's a house on the left just after a bridge. The trail starts here, but there's no parking.   

The Paria River begins in the foothills of the Northern Range. This is a goodly hike of several hours through the forest that eventually brings you to the clear, natural bathing pool of Paria Waterfall.

The trail winds north for the first 1.5 hours until you cross a stream flowing east. Then, 35 minutes later, you'll reach the Jordan River, which you cross.

After another hour's climb over the hill, arrive at a beach where you turn right, walk for 2 minutes to reach the wooden bridge crossing the Paria River. Walk another 10-15 minutes up the right bank to reach the waterfall.

You'll have to get wet to reach it.

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