St. Croix
Butler Bay Gut Hike


The walk passes a waterfall and the popular swimming beach at Butler Bay.

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Length: 1 mile to the falls. Time: 45 minutes each way. Difficulty: 2-3. Some rock hopping up the dry stream bed.

Trailhead: On Route 63, about 5 miles from Frederiksted. The dirt road leading to the gut is across from the popular swimming and picnic beach at Butler Bay.

Walk a couple of hundred yards up the dirt road until it forks. Go right, down to and across the streambed.

Go left for about 100 yards, following a trail that stays close to the gut. In about 100 yards the gut clears of vegetation and you should find it easier walking.

You'll pass strap ferns with long unbranched fronds. Also strangler figs that literally do strangle the life out of a tree with their powerful roots.

You'll have ascended about 300 vertical feet when you reach the gut's 80-foot high waterfall. It's not likely to be running unless it's rained.

Without a guide, it can be risky going up and beyond the falls. Most people turn back at this point.

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