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8. Legislative Building: This lime-green building with the beautiful flower gardens is where the Virgin Islands Senate meets. The building, dating from 1874, was built as barracks for Danish troops.

9. Synagogue: On Crystal Gade. Rebuilt several times, this is the second-oldest Jewish temple in the Western Hemisphere . The oldest is in Curacao . The sand on the temple floor is a reference to the Exodus from Egypt.

10. Pissarro Building: On Main Street between Store Tvaer and Trompeter Gades, this is where impressionist painter Camille Pissarro was born. He lived upstairs in what is now a perfume shop. A plaque marking his birth is around the block on Back Street. There is no museum here; the best exhibition of his paintings is at Government House (see above).

11. Market Square: On Strand Gade, where fruits and vegetables from all over the island are sold. This was one of the most active slave markets in the 18th century. The roof sheltering the stalls was purchased from a European railway company in the early 1900s.

12. Main Duty Free Shopping Districts: This couldn't be easier. All the stores lining both Main and Back Streets are duty free. In case you can only find Danish street signs, Main Street is Dronnigens Gade; Back Street is Vimmelskaft Gade. For 300 years, these have been some of the world's greatest shopping streets. Arguably, they could be the birthplace of the strip mall. Remember, the State-side duty-free allowance is higher for the U.S. Virgin Islands than for most other islands.

13. Hassel Island: Part of the Virgin Islands National Park system and located just in front of Charlotte Amalie, with plenty of old ruins to explore, from military sites of the 1700s to an old marine yard. Go by water ferry.

14. Havensight Mall: Another intense shopping spot, built near the West India Dock so cruise ship passengers wouldn't have to go into town: 3 lines of air-conditioned boutiques. The prices are the same as in Charlotte Amalie, but this high-tech mall lacks that downtown ambiance.

If you're still in a walking mood, take a hike around Water Island.

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