St. John, USVI
Peace Hill
Your first chance to see an old sugar mill tower.

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6. Peace Hill

Length: 0.1 miles. Time: 5 minutes, one way. Difficulty: 1. Trailhead: 2.8 miles from Cruz Bay on the North Shore Road (Rt. 20). The hike starts from the parking lot.

Start looking for the parking lot about a hundred yards past a huge boulder (called Easter Rock) on the left shoulder of the road.

Easter Rock gets its name from the legend that every Easter the stone rolls down the hill and then somehow climbs back up.

The main attractions here are the scenic overlook of Hawksbill Bay and an old windmill tower. The trail starts at the parking lot on the hill near Hawksbill Bay.

The path goes uphill and past some night blooming cereus cactus on the right. It's worth coming back to see after dark.

You'll reach the sugar mill tower first, then the plateau that offers a wonderfully scenic overlook.

For many decades a large statue of Christ stood on the hill but it was destroyed by a hurricane. The statue was an interesting if not very artistic endeavor. The huge figure looked like it was sculpted out of modeling clay by some elementary school class.

Still, the old landmark is sorely missed. With the statue gone, Peace Hill isn't as popular a stop for the bus/cab tours.

Or me.

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