St. Croix
Point Udall
As far east as you can go on United States territory.

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Length: About 1 mile. Time: 45 minutes to Jack's Bay. Difficulty: 2-3 . Trailhead : Follow Route 82 east to the very end, the easternmost point of the United States.

Point Udall is a dry, fairly barren area that most people visit only because of its unique geographic location. But it also is the jumping off point to quite a good hike.

You can park at Cramer Beach Park and walk for about an hour to reach Point Udall, or you can drive along the paved road leading right to it.

The best way to appreciate this place is closer to the point, down by the sea where you can hear it and truly feel the wind.

The path going over the guard rail is obvious. The barrel cactus growing red Shriner-like hats are called Turk's head cactus. Don't get too close to the waves.

You can also take the trail down to Isaac Bay, fairly secluded because most people don't take the time to make the short walk down to the half-mile of white sand beach.

You'll see more Turk's head cactus; the tall ones are called dildo cactus.

From Isaac Bay you can visit the secluded white sand beach at Jack's Bay by climbing and following the natural gullies in the rocks at Isaac Point.

There's also an old trail but it's sometimes difficult to find and follow.

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