Water Catchment Trail
St. John
It follows an old gut, or drainage channel.

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Length: 1 mile. Time: 30 minutes. Difficulty Level: 2. Trailhead: Starts on Centerline Road (Rt. 10). The trailhead is marked with a sign.

Not often used, this forest-canopied road runs between Centerline Road and the North Shore Road.

The trail descends an old gut (drainage channel) leading to the reservoir that once served as the main water source before the Caneel Bay resort installed its reverse osmosis plant.

At the reservoir is a sign pointing to the Margaret Hill and Caneel Hill Trails. If you take that route, expect some long uphill hiking and about a 90-minute walk to Cruz Bay.

But if you continue straight, the path will continue to descend until it reaches the North Shore Road near the Caneel Bay entrance. Now it's time to turn around and go back uphill to your vehicle.

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