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Best Time to Visit
The Caribbean Islands

The best time to visit the Caribbean Islands depends on how much you can accord on a vacation.

Caribbean hotel costs are based according to high and low seasons.

The more expensive high season is from December 15-April 15. That's when it turns cold in North America and Europe, the Caribbean becomes a lot more expensive. Hotel prices double or triple during this time, which also is some of the Caribbean's best weather of the year.

In the high season, travelers to the Caribbean are willing to pay premium prices to flee the cold back home.

Caribbean Weather

Caribbean weather generally is good year-round although it definitely rains more in the summer months. If you are more concerned about spending your funds on activities rather than on hotels, consider the end of April through May, a period of lower rates. But be sure to check when the rainy season occurs on your island of choice.

There's nothing wrong with summer, the low season, either, except it's hotter and the humidity is higher but on many islands the constant trade winds supply a 22 mph breeze. It may rain more then, too.

Many island resorts close down for part of September and all of October to refurbish and upgrade. Those that stay open then usually offer good bargains.

Hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 1. The storms seems to visit some islands more than others. Fine the traditional hurricane activity month by month.

November through mid-December are excellent times because hurricane season is over, the islands aren't crowded yet and prices are still low. This is also a good period to look for bargain air fares.

On some islands, prices will jump during Thanksgiving week.

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