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Can Cruise Ship Captains Marry You?

It's a wonderfully romantic concept, being married at sea by the ship's captain in a large ballroom with a band playing. But it doesn't happen in reality.

Cruise ship captains do not have the legal authority to perform a valid marriage ceremony, even on the high seas.

Most weddings are held before sailing or in one of the cruise port destinations.

There are two exceptions: Japanese captains may marry couples with Japanese passports.

And the captains of the Golden Princess, Star Princess and Grand Princess also have the proper authority because their ships are registered in Bermuda and they have Bermuda licenses.

A wedding ceremony can be arranged as part of the Princess's Diamond package which starts at $2400. The ship's Captain acts as your officiant and all the details are included: fresh flower arrangements plus bouquet and boutonniere, Dom Perignon champagne, tiered wedding cake, video recording of the ceremony, a reception with beverages and hors d'oeuvres and live music by a string quartet,

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