Cheddie's Carving Studio

Anguilla Part 2

Here's why you should never ignore a talented vendor, even on the beach.

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Cheddie's Carving Studio
Part 2

Having a gallery a quite change from Cheddie's as a peddler on the beach. "I started by selling from my house, and I would go to the beaches and set up a table," he recalls. He also worked at a hotel before opening his own studio.

Today, Cheddie works not only in hardwood and driftwood, he has started working in coral and is casting limited bronze editions of "ones I really fall in love with." He makes between 15 and 30 reproductions of such works and numbers them.

Some of Cheddie's work, including his wood sculptures, sell for many thousands of dollars (US).

Once available from him only on the beach, his work is for sale on neighboring islands and in Bermuda, but the greatest and most diverse collection always is in his gallery, where about 80 objects are normally displayed at one time.

Driftwood objects are the best-selling because of their singularity. Cheddie kind of likes that, since "driftwood is something that has no value to it."

Cheddie's Carving Studio is located at the Cove. Call 264-497-6027 or email. Or visit his website.

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