Tyrol Cot Heritage Village
A Living Musdeum

Tyrol Cot, built 1854, is the home of Barbados' first Prime Minister,Sir Grantley Adams.

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Tyrol Cot 1854 Mansion
and Heritage Village

Tyrol Cot's name could be clearer. The dual site features both the Tyrol Cot Museum and the adjoining Heritage Village containing 7 replicas of classic chattel house designs. It's much more entertaining than it sounds.

All the homes are outfitted with furniture, decoration and ornamental objects from the various time periods they represent.

More than simply lifeless shells, the houses are alive with traditional artists and craftspeople work on site to fashion basketry, leather goods, candy and clothing. A combination rum shop and restaurant, blacksmith shop and a replica of an 1820s slave hut all sit on the grounds of historic Tyrol Cot Mansion.

The Mansion itself, called the "Birthplace of Barbadian Democracy," was built in 1854 of huge coral limestone blocks and ballast brick. An architectural gem in its own right, Tyrol Cot is a mix of Palladian and classic chattel house design.

It was the home of Sir Grantley Adams, one of the century's best-known Caribbean leaders. Adams was the first Premier of Barbados and the only premier of the short-lived West Indies Federation; his son, Tom, was the island's second premier.

Tyrol Cot mansion is furnished with locally crafted antique mahogany furniture spanning two centuries, all of it collected by the Adams family.

To commemorate the early 1930s when Grantley Adams and his new bride first occupied Tyrol Cot, the grounds are planted with roses, ferns, bougainvilleas and other local plants, but all of it in a natural "wild" style, the fashion of the 1930s.

The heritage village's most popular stop is the Cockspur Rum Shop for sampling some truly classic Bajan foods: sweet bread, fish cakes and coconut cakes all served with a choice of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. Its ice cream shop provides locally made ice cream, jellies, jams and chocolates. Naturally, the local Cockspur Rum is also served.

Tyrol Cot Heritage Village, open Monday-Friday from 9-5, is located about 1.5 miles north of Bridgetown on Hwy. 2. For complete information, phone 246-424-2074; fax 246-429-9055. Admission fee

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