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Barbados' attractions and the variety of things to do both are among the Caribbean's best as certainly the most culturally rich. As one of the first islands settled, Barbados is credited with starting Caribbean tourism. What it offers for visitors is different from most islands, including underwater and underground in addition to what you can see.

Oh, and also the things you can't see. Barbados is home to one of the most legends regarding "restless spirits" and we don't mean what comes in a rum bottle. Instead, we're talking about the moving coffins at Christ Church.

See these 14 tours of Barbados.

Here is our list of the top things to do in Barbados.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve Where the green monkeys and other animals roam

Bridgetown Walking Tour This small city holds many surprises, including a Trafalgar Square that pre-dates London's

Christ Church Moving Coffins Legend Where lead coffins kept moving; one of the Caribbean's most famous stories of the occult

Farley Hill Park A favorite of English royalty
and a film location

Folkstone Underwater Park Underwater snorkel trail

Gardens & Great Houses Historic homes from when sugar was king; Barbados has an abundance.

Gun Hill Signal Station A former garrison with a fine view

Harrison's Cave Caribbean's largest cave and
first underground tram ride

Moving Coffins of Barbados
One of the best documented legends of paranormal activity. Or a great prank!

National Trust Walks Join the locals for a walk through the countryside

Sam Lord's Castle A pirate's rich plunder

St. Nicholas Abbey One of the oldest buildings in the English-speaking New World

Turners Hall Woods A glimpse of how the island's woodlands appeared before they were stripped for cane

Tyrol Cot Heritage Center Display of colorful chattel houses and other items from Barbados' past

Welchman Hall Gully A jungle walk through a collapsed cavern

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