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Deciding where to start touring can be difficult because things are so spread out. Actually, 181 different small islands make up what we call Bermuda, but the term usually refers only to the 7 largest islands which are joined by bridges and causeways.

These interconnected islands form the shape of a fishhook 21 miles long and only 2 miles across at the widest point. (See Bermuda map)

The 7 main islands have been further subdivided into 9 parishes and towns. Locations are referred to by both parish and town names.

Probably the most interesting spot for sightseeing is the parish of St. George's at the eastern-most tip, the spot where Bermudian history began.

It was here Admiral Somers ran his flagship "Sea Venture" aground on the beach of what is now a popular tourist area. Several forts and a championship golf course overlook the historic landing site.

History is everywhere in St. George's. On Ordinance Island is Deliverance II, a replica of the "Deliverance," one of two vessels fashioned out of the remnants of Somers' wrecked "Sea Venture."

Replicas of the stocks, pillory and whipping post used to punish criminals 300 years ago are located in nearby King's Square in the center of St. George's town. Most of the people sticking their heads and arms through the devices today are honeymooners posing for a camera.

Undoubtedly St. George's (and Bermuda's) strangest monument is the Somers' Garden, a very picturesque spot with unusual contents. A year after he wrecked in Bermuda, Admiral Somers died on the island.

Evidently his crew took him literally when he said his heart lay in Bermuda, because they removed it and buried it in the garden, shipping the body back to England. A tall monument marks where Somers' heart is interred.

Hamilton Parish, adjacent to St. George's, contains Bermuda's widest range of activities, ranging from golf at the Mid Ocean and Castle Harbour Golf Clubs to spelunking among the stalactites and stalagmites of the Leamington and Crystal Caves.

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