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Bermuda is meant to be enjoyed out of doors, during good weather, and that can be counted on only part of year. Overall, the best Bermuda weather is in summer. Remember, Bermuda is located 600 miles east of North Carolina and 1,000 miles north of the Caribbean. It is not a tropical or semi-tropical region.

The passing Gulf Stream keeps summertime temperatures in the 80's, the northeasterly flow of weather from the U.S. seaboard also continues over Bermuda.

See Bermuda Weather Month By Month for the average monthly temperatures, rainfall and humidity.

Bermuda Beaches Are for Summer

Locals usually wait until the end of May to start swimming in the ocean. They tend to stop around the first week of September. Water temps peak to 85 degrees in summer, drop to the 60s in winter. (See Bermuda Water Temps by Month)

Bermuda's Rainy Season

Naturally, it rains most during the warmest months. The rainy season starts in May and peaks in October. But even in October, the wettest month, the average is only 7 inches. Hurricanes and tropical storms can influence the amount of rainfall dramatically.

Winter Is for Indoors

In winter, the average temperature is only in the 60's. Sometimes it drops even into the 40's, and the days are often dark and damp. Evenings run about 10 degrees cooler than the daytime high temperature.

Wintertime activities are scarce compared to summer. Hotel rates, of course, are less expensive because there are fewer visitors.

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