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Bermuda has two defined seasons, winter and  summer.  For diving, avoid winter from Nov. 1 to mid‑March, though reliable weather isn't assured until May(See Best Bermuda Weather)

Well out in the Atlantic, Bermuda's subtropical climate is a gift of the close approaching,  beautifully clear Gulf Stream.  Which also means wet suits are not needed during summer months. 

However, Bermuda is  also near enough to  the States to be affected by our weather fronts in winter, when  Bermudian days can be chilly (in the 60's) and skies continually  overcast. 

However, even in summer strong winds will sometimes put the hiatus on diving for several days at a time. 

Personally, I've found late September and early October, just after the high season is over, a fairly good weather time though sometimes subject to wind.  

The peak hurricane activity is normally between mid-August to October and sometimes beyond. You just never know.

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