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St. George, Bermuda

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Deliverance Ship Replica
St. George Town Bermuda

The Deliverance is a replica of the ship built in 1609 and 1610 that allowed the shipwrecked colonists to continue on their way to Jamestown, VA, after being stranded in Bermuda for 42 weeks.

The original Deliverance, or Deliverance I, was built from recovered timbers from the shipwrecked Sea Venture and cedar trees harvested from Bermuda. Of the 142 Virginia-bound colonists stranded in Bermuda, the Deliverance carried 80 of them, with a second, smaller ship the Patience ferrying the others.        

Deliverance II replica St George Town Bermuda

The voyage from Bermuda to Jamestown took 10 days, with the two ships arriving in time to save the 60 starving colonists. The original Deliverance was lost to history.

The replica was built in 1967 by the Junior Service League of Bermuda and became privately owned in 1995. The historic monument was falling apart with rotted wood and a mast lost to a 2003 hurricane. There was talk even of demolishing the ship until the Bank of Bermuda Foundation pledged the $300,000 necessary to restore the vessel and build an educational exhibit about the voyage to Virginia.

Restoration of Deliverance was completed in early 2009. Floodlights now illuminate the ship at night and plans call for a circular tour of the ship that will also allow a better look inside.

Bermuda Ordnance Island dock Deliverance II cruise ship
Cruise passengers don't have far
to walk to see the Deliverance replica ship

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