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St. George Town, Bermuda

The Town of St. George, founded in 1612 and the 5th oldest European-founded municipality in the Western Hemisphere, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

Its architecture and cobbled streets make the Town of St. George perhaps Bermuda’s most appealing and picturesque town. That there are cobblestone streets is remarkable since the cobblestones had to be importedfrom Wales since no suitable material was available locally.

Although one of the New World’s most historic sites, St. George Town is still very much alive, not a mere historical recreation. It continues as a thriving daytime commercial center and seasonal cruise port.

St. George Town, the capital of Bermuda from 1612 until 1815, was where many English colonists headed to Jamestown, VA, were shipwrecked for 42 weeks in 1609.

Among the stranded was John Rolfe, whose wife and child died here. He is best known for later marrying the Indian princess, Pocahontas. Look here for a more detailed Bermuda history.

Major St. George Sites and Sights

The oldest stone buildings in the Town of St. George still standing were built after 1619 from local Bermuda stone. The structures built previously had roofs made of thatch which could easily catch fire.

Museums & Gov't Buildings
include a diverse selection of topics from all eras

Ferry Point Park a park wih walking trails, sheltered swimming and historic fort

The following locations start at the cruise dock on Ordnance Island and move inland in the following order, ending up on the opposite coast:

Deliverance II, replica of ship on Ordnance Island that took stranded colonists from Bermuda to Virginia

Somers Statue on Ordnance Island

King's Square

Town Hall

Major Donald H. (Bob) Burns Memorial Park 

Old State House the oldest surviving building in Bermuda not a fort

Somers Garden where vital organs of the Admiral are buried

St. Peter's Church oldest continuously used Protestant church in the New World

Gates Fort

Unfinished Church a Gothic-style structure abandoned just before completion in the 1870s

St. George's Golf Club

Tobacco Bay Beach

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