Somers Garden at St. George's Bermuda

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Somers Garden
St. George Town, Bermuda

Undoubtedly the strangest monument in St. George--and all of Bermuda--is Somers Garden, a picturesque spot near King's Square with some unusual contents.

Somers Garden is named after Admiral Sir George Somers, the first to explore and map Bermuda. The Bermuda island chain, originally known as Virgineola or smaller version of Virginia, was changed to Somers Isles in recognition of the Admiral. Somers Isles is still the official alternate name of Bermuda still today.

What is so special about Somers Garden? After Admiral Sir George Somers, Governor Elect Sir Thomas Gates, John Rolfe and many others were marooned in Bermuda for 10 months, Somers sailed his two new ships to Jamestown where his provisions saved the starving colonists.

Food remained scarce at Jamestown, so Somers volunteered to return to Bermuda which was rich in provisions, including wild hogs. He arrived safely but on Nov. 9, 1610, he died reportedly from eating too much pork. This unfortunate end suggests he made a pig of himself but that would be unworthy for such a true hero.

Somers Garden Bermuda Marker About Somers Heart Buried HereMarker says Somers' heart is buried nearby in unknown location

Somers' son had accompanied him and did not return to Virginia with needed supplies, as planned. Instead, he carried Somers' body back to England for burial, the corpse preserved by pickling it in a barrel.

Based on Somers' wish, his heart was removed and buried in Bermuda soil. A tall monument marks where Somers' heart supposedly is interred.

Somers Garden Monument Obelisk St George Town BermudaThe heart of Admiral Sir George Somers supposedly is buried here

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