Unfinished Church
St. George's Bermuda

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The Unfinished Church
St. George's Bermuda

The impressive Unfinished Church is just a short walk from the center of St. George Town.  Begun in the 1870s as a replacement for the much smaller and less imposing
St. Peter’s Church, this grand Gothic-style structure was abandoned just as it was almost completed.

The towering walls still stand straight and tall as when they were built. The interior, without a roof, is open to the elements. Without a floor, weeds and grass grow where there should be a floor.

The Unfinished Church looks as if it could be finished in a very short time.  

It was not completed due to parish infighting, financial difficulties and a damaging storm. The neglected site has become a protected historic monument and part of the St. George's World Heritage Site.

The building is on Church Folly Lane at the Top of Duke of Kent Street, a 15-20 minute uphill walk from the Town of St. George.  The church is open to the public. No admission fee.

Buses to St. George's: 1, 3, 10, 11 

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