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Caribbean Essentials - What To Know

Best of the Best Short list of the absolute bests such as best view, best undiscovered island, best eco-resort and more.

Caribbean Map The best we've ever seen.

Best time to go? Depends on how much money you have and what you want to do on your Caribbean vacation.

Best Beaches Some islands have almost none. A Caribbean vacation without a beach? Yes! If you like beaches, check this multiple page description island by island.

Best Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Islands Some islands are just made for it because coral reefs are close to shore.

Best Hikes & Walks? You mean Caribbean cloud walking? Or hiking a hundred feet below sea level?

Best Islands to See Animals Want to feed a shark? Pet a dolphin? Watch nesting sea turtles? Here's where to go for an animal friendly Caribbean vacation, including bird watching and manatee viewing.

Best Caribbean Carnivals These blowout parties are held on almost every island, though some are bigger than others.

Caribbean Calendar for all the islands, what's happening when and where.

How do you pronounce Caribbean? Islanders say "ker-e-be-an." So should you. Here's why.

Why is "Caribbean time" different?  Because sometimes the clock seems to run backwards or stand still. But it's a vacation, remember?

Just for fun Test your Caribbean IQ. Warning! This is irreverent.

Best Fast Way To Find A Favorite Island No better way for a quick introduction to Caribbean islands than a 7- or 14-day cruise with a different stop every day that doesn't include a private island owned by the cruise line.

Best Armchair Way To Locate Your Best Island Vacation Here's a Caribbean vacation sampler that shows just how different the different islands are.

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