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Mountain Biking Bonaire

Only 21 miles long,  Bonaire offers about 185 miles (300 km) of  marked  mountain bike trails that include flat stretches and steep inclines on everything from unpaved roads to narrow goat paths.

Visitors new to Bonaire  would do well to use a guide while old timers familiar with the ups and downs of Bonaire topography can bike the trails by following the orange painted rock markers.

Some mountain biking trails also lead to stops for picnics, hiking, sightseeing or snorkeling.
These are the most popular mountain biking trails on Bonaire.

1) Seru Largu Trail: A short 7.5-mile track into rural areas with a scenic hilltop view. The mostly dirt road includes a steep climb of 413 feet to a view of Kralendijk, the capital city, and Klein Bonaire, a small offshore island known for its excellent diving.

2) Coastal Trail/Rincon:
A 15-mile path takes you past good views of Bonaire’s northern coastline and through the historic town of Rincon.  The trail, mostly flat with one medium incline, starts and ends at the STINAPA office in Washington-Slagbaai National Park.

Using both paved and dirt roads, the trail offers an optional longer route from Gotomeer to Rincon; an even longer circuit on the main paved Rincon-Kralendijk road; or an extension past BOPEC to Playa Frans.

3) Lagun-Cai Trail: A 21.5-mile path on mostly flat, dirt roads exploring rural Bonaire including Lagun on the east coast; Cai in Lac Bay a good spot for a swim and  mangroves with interesting snorkeling.

4) East Coast Trail:
This 22-mile path crosses Bonaire to Lagun on the eastern coast of Bonaire, following a raised cliff line with good viewpoints on the way to Boca Oliva.

The trail is generally flat except for a hill climb to 367 feet. You can take alternative return routes by either a paved road or hill tracks over the west coast road. 

5) Southern Trail: This 25-mile/40km flat, paved path circles the south end of the island passing the salt hills, slave huts and Lac Bay. Photographically, this is one of the most interesting sections of Bonaire, viewed well in either early morning or late afternoon.

6) Washington-Slagbaai  National Park: This 43.5-mile/70km journey is recommended as a 2-day trip because of its length, not its difficulty.  The trail is mostly flat, following a combination of dirt and paved roads.  

The recommended entrance into Washington-Slagbaai National Park is following the East Coast Trail (#4) and continuing along the coast via Boca Onima with return via Rincon and the Coastal Trail (#2).

You must make prior arrangement to bring a bike into the park.

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