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What isn't there? The islands offer far more than beaches.

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Animal Encounters: Places you're almost guaranteed to see a variety of animals.

Best Beaches: What the islands are most famous for. These are the best.

Nude Beaches & Naturist Resorts

For those who want to tan all over.

Camping: Permitted on only a handful of islands, including the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. John and Tortola. Some tour operators in Trinidad also offer camping.

Caribbean Calendar: What's happening on each island, month by month.

Caribbean Carnivals: When they happen, island by island.

Casinos & gaming: Soon come

Cultural Tourism: St. Lucia is among the best organized though its Heritage Tourism Programme, offered throughout the year. Tobago is strong in the summer with its Heritage Festival.

Diving & Snorkeling: You can get wet on every island but only a few have truly outstanding diving and snorkeling.

Fishing Vacations: Use the resources of the Caribbean Fish Finder about what to take, where to go.

Golf: The Caribbean has dozens of excellent golf courses, some world famous.

Hiking and walking: Make it easy or as strenuous, though most hikes are short walks lasting only a few hours.

Shopping: Can you say "duty free?" It started in St. Thomas and spread from there.

Sightseeing tours are available on the larger islands. Or simply hire a taxi or rent a car.