Caribbean Nude Beaches
and Naturist Resorts

Many nude beaches
are at all-inclusive resorts

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Caribbean Nudist Beaches
and Naturist Resorts

Nude sunbathing and swimming are forbidden on many islands.

But all-inclusive resorts like the SuperClubs and and Couples resorts in Jamaica do offer nude sunbathing.

The French West Indies generally think nothing of topless women. Bottomless is another story.

True clothing optional, nude beaches are relatively rare in the Caribbean, and often they are private, open only to resort guests.

Nighttime skinny dipping is possible anywhere--if there's no one else around.

Daytime nudity is legal at the following:

Dominican Republic: Eden Bay Resort on the North Coast is totally clothes-free.

Jamaica has more nude bathing areas than any other island, all part of a resort. Here's Jamaica's list of nude beach resorts.

St. Barts (St Barthelemy): Only two nude beaches; but the rest are topless.

St. Martin: Orient Beach is the Caribbean's most famous nude beach.

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