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This is a superb lunch salad (a complete meal in itself) but it's also a worthy dinner entree accompanied by vegetables or fruit.


4 lobster tails, 6-8 oz. each

1 sweet pepper

1 tomato

1 small onion

2 limes

1 t. salt

4 soup spoons of mayonnaise

cayenne pepper and white pepper to taste




1/2 head iceberg lettuce

2 tomatoes

2 limes



Boil lobsters in the shell for 10 minutes in salted water.


Let them cool. Then cut the tails lengthwise and peel meat out of the shell. Keep shell in reserve. Cube the meat in 1/2-inch size. Dice sweet pepper, tomato and onion and add to lobster meat.

Squeeze 2 limes over it and season with salt, cayenne and white pepper. Add 4 soup spoons of mayonnaise and mix well together. Serve on a bed of lettuce in the shell. Garnish with tomato slices, lime and olives.


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