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Cruzan Rum of St. Croix
St. Croix, not an island usually associated with rum. Look at all the old sugar mills!

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Mojito Cruzan Rum Recipes

Tip: Although Cruzan Rum is becoming more available in the U.S., if your cruise ship visits St. Croix, check the K-Mart which usually has the best best prices. And stock up! The duty is only another 10% over your list price.

Cruzan Citrus Mojito

1 part Cruzan Citrus Rum
4-6 lime wedges
2 sprigs of fresh mint
1 tsp. sugar
Club soda

Muddle the mint with sugar and fresh lime in a tall
glass. Add Cruzan Citrus Rum and ice cubes. Stir.
Top up with club soda.

Cruzan Mango Mojito

1 part Cruzan Mango Rum
4 chunks of fresh mango
A dash of fresh lime juice
A splash of simple syrup
4-6 mint leaves
Club soda

Muddle mint and mango chucks with simple syrup in
a tall glass. Add lime juice, Cruzan Mango Rum and
ice. Stir, and top with club soda. Garnish with a mint

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