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Go To Hell on Grand Cayman

Hell is an unusual formation of short, black, limestone rock, locally called iron shore, that's said to resemble a hellfire.

Why this became an attraction isn't clear since iron shore is found all along the island coasts in all the Cayman Islands.

One of the focal points is the bright red Hell post office, which does a banner business sending out postcards with the official Hell postmark.

Lots of devil figures on the bright post office walls and at edge of the Hell pit. Quotes from the Bible share the building with the devil, since many Caymanians are religious.

In addition to the post office are several stores selling souvenir T-shirts and other Hell and Cayman souvenirs.

Sound like a tourist trap? It is, but every Grand Cayman visitor should stop by at least once.

Finding Hell: From George Town, follow the road bordering Seven Mile Beach through West Bay. Turn left on NW Point Road, which continues to follow the coastline. Turn right onto Watercourse Rd, and then turn left on Hell Road. The road to hell is paved with good signage.

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