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Grand Cayman Things To Do

Grand Cayman's diving and snorkeling are world-famous, especially the underwater attraction known as Stingray City.

Yet there are plenty of things to do on land, from a nature hike on the Mastic Trail, walking the botanic gardens where blue iguanas freely roam and, of course, a chance to go to Hell.

Book tours of 24 Grand Cayman activities.

Here's our list (alphabetically) of the top things to do.

Cayman Turtle Farm: Island Wildlife Encounter Perhaps Grand Cayman's iconic attraction, even ahead of Hell.

Diving Grand Cayman The island's top dive sites from north to east.

Dive Operators These have been around for a long time.
Choose between fishing North Sound for tarpon and bonefish or go offshore for blue marlin and other big game fish.

Hell A major attraction around a huge clump of sharp rocks. Great souvenir stop.

Kayaking Daytime mangrove tours in North Sound, bioluminescence tours on moonless nights.

Mastic Trail Hike/Nature Walk A 4-page description of this informative, fun hiking trail.

Pedro St. James The birthplace of Cayman's democracy.

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park Not just a pretty walk in a garden but the best place to see the island's endemic blue iguana.

Stingray City Perhaps the Caribbean's' most popular snorkel site and deservedly so.

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