Grand Cayman Kayaking
Grand Cayman Kayak Tours

North Sound's secluded waters and mangrove shorelines are ideal for kayaking

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Grand Cayman Kayaking
Grand Cayman Kayak Tours

One of Grand Cayman's quietest and least mechanized water sports is kayaking the North Sound. Started in the 1990s by Brian Davis, a former bee keeper from Canada and long-time Grand Cayman dive master, kayak tours usually last for 3-4 hours and involve 2-3 miles of paddling.

North Sound may offer more than 20 miles of shoreline for kayaking, but the coves and canals near Rum Point have everything needed for a lazy, informative trip.

The slower you go, the more you'll see.

We start by exploring a canal that leads into North Sound, normally good kayaking on the windiest day. But even if the Sound should chop up, you need only a few strokes to reach a large side lagoon.

As I stir the water with our paddles, I realize this is the longest I haven't heard a mechanical sound of some sort in weeks, maybe months. The quiet is startling.

Although I provide all the kayak's momentum during the afternoon, the trip turns out to be unexpectedly relaxing.

Thanks to a kayak's stealth, you have the opportunity to spot tarpon and hawksbill turtles in the mangrove channels, view snowy and cattle egrets on the branches, and watch frigate birds circle overhead.

A lot of daytime activity, still unknown to most Grand Cayman visitors.

At night, kayaking in North Sound can be spectacular depending on the phase of the moon. Kayaking tours during the full moon are almost otherworldly, an experience that's intensified on dark, still nights when you paddle through North Sound's rare bioluminescent waters.

Kayak Tour Operators

Kayakers should wear broad-brimmed hats, polarized sunglasses to see the shallow water marine life and wear plenty of sunscreen SPF 30 and higher. Wear a bathing suit, sandals or water boots (or bare feet) and a camera only if it's waterproof.

Cayman Kayaks Join a bioluminescent kayak tour from Rum Point Beach. Or daytime 1.5-2-hour mangrove island tours or sunset tours. Cayman Kayaks does not cater to cruise ship groups.  Life vests and bottled water are provided.

Cayman Sea Elements 1.5-2 hour tours leaving Cayman Islands Yacht Club/Governor’s Harbour. Free pick up many areas including cruise port. Life vests and bottled water are provided.

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