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"How much is a taxi ride to Stingray City?"

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Grand Cayman
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Like anyone who has known Grand Cayman for any period of time, I've developed a love-hate relationship with the island, largest of the Cayman Islands group.

I'm still very much attracted to Grand Cayman's many interesting sites such as the Mastic Trail and Stingray City, one of my favorite underwater photo places, and all the other sites listed below.

But Grand Cayman is being loved to death. George Town, Cayman's main city and the country's capital is a wintertime dumping ground for cruise ship passengers.

As many as 10 large ships may dock here on the same day, disgorging between 20,000 and 25,000 people. It's sheer bedlam. George Town simply is too small to handle such a massive influx.

And people who are paying hundreds of dollars a day to stay in a resort are inconvenienced by the traffic. They have to avoid George Town, fight the increased traffic and hope their particular hotel beach won't be overrun. All beaches, even those of the exclusive Ritz-Carlton, are public.

To me, what makes it all worthwhile is Stingray City, where people and southern stingrays gather in mutual feeding frenzy.

And although it may seem Stingray City was set up to lure tourists, it wasn't. Capt. Marvin Ebanks helped start it may many decades ago, as he told me.

Being on island for only a few hours, most cruisers don't realize Grand Cayman has one of the Best 100 Bars in the World  as rated by Newsweek magazine readers. It's the Lone Star Bar & Grill on the West Bay Road next to the Hyatt Regency.

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Major Attractions

Atlantis, RSL and other submarines
Grand Cayman is the world's sub diving capital

Cayman Turtle Farm
Hold a live sea turtle

Diving Grand Cayman

The sites, the dive operators

Fishing Grand Cayman

Go offshore for big marlin or to the North Sound for bonefish and tarpon

Not as bad as it sounds

Kayaking Grand Cayman
North Sound's sheltered waters are ideal

Lone Star Bar & Grill Grand Cayman's world famous bar

Mastic Trail
A genuine hiking path through the woods

Pedro St. James
The birthplace of Caymanian democracy

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park
The colorful landscape includes endangered blue iguanas.

Rum Point Wreck Bar
The island's best beach bar

Stingray City
An underwater free-for-all

Things to do on Grand Cayman

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