Chancanaab Marine Park

Chancanaab is probably Cozumel's favorite

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Chancanaab Lagoon National Park
Cozumel's Main Playground

Chancanaab National Park is also called Chancanaab Lagoon and Chancanaab Marine Park.

It is Cozumel's major attraction, a miniature SeaWorld except at Chancanaab you can dive or snorkel and be face to face with more than 60 species of tropical fish.

Located at km 9 on the ocean side road, Chancanaab takes its name from the Mayan language: Chan (small) Kanaab (sea or ocean), which perfectly describes the natural formation inside the Park.

Other things to do in Chancanaab are:

Dolphin Discovery, where you can swim with dolphins or simply watch the 45-minute dolphin encounter.

The Sea Lion Show
features stunts and other tricks of these loud and noisy clowns.

The Maya Zone contains a modern-day reproduction of a Maya village exhibiting ancient building and farming practices.

The Botanical Gardens, the only botanical garden on Cozumel, uses a series of trails to cut through a forest with 350 different plant species, see exotic birds or simply sunbathe.

A volleyball beach court area is also provided.

Lockers and restroom facilities as well as rental equipment are available for swimmers, divers and snorkelers. In addition, Snuba and Sea Trek excursions will take novice divers to nearby reefs close to shore.   

Snacks, drinks and lunches are available from the park restaurants.

Open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Entrance fee US$21 for adults, US$14 for children 3-11 years. Handicap accessible with special sand wheelchairs. More information: Chancanaab National Park

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