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Cozumel Shopping
Popular Souvenirs

Cozumel has 3 main shopping areas, all of them in the port city of San Miguel. Two of the shooping centers are back to back. The other is nearby, within easy walking distance, which makes shopping quite convenient.

The shopping areas are:

Along the waterfront
downtown to the zocalo or "La Plaza" [town square] known as Plaza del Sol

The crafts market behind La Plaza

The cruise ship passenger terminal at Punta Langosta Pier.

Between these 3 locations, you will find scores of small shops selling just about everything. These souvenirs are the best ones to buy in Cozumel.

Cozumel Souvenirs

Textiles demonstrate Mexico's cultural diversity. Hammocks are also an essential part of life in the region and are available in a wide array of color combinations and fabrics.

Traditional Mayan dresses (or huipiles) and shawls (rebozos), as well as men's embroidered cotton shirts (guayaberas) and tightly woven Panama hats (genuine ones are made in Ecuador) are typical souvenirs of  the Yucatan peninsula and Quintana Roo.

Mexican handicrafts are among the most sought-after items here, and you'll be able to choose from a large assortment of works by artisans from nearly everywhere in the Country.

Leather goods, including shoes, boots, belts, purses and luggage reflect Mexico's proud tradition of a fine craftsmanship and its high quality.

Reproductions of ancient native handicrafts, including jewelry, stone carvings, wooden masks and semiprecious-stone sculptures are all good souvenirs. Colonial-style items include filigree jewelry, lacework and wood furniture.

Onyx, one of Mexico's major exports, is widely used for statues, chess sets and many other objects.

Pottery items cover everything from unglazed clay pieces to beautiful stoneware crockery.

T-shirts are everywhere, for everything. Inspect them carefully to distinguish the rags from quality t-shirts.

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