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Price Is Not What's Most Important

Cruise ship ratings One or five star? It's all meaningless and predictable according to one expert.

Cruise Ship Deck Plans for all the major cruise lines. Find a convenient cabin location before booking.

Why ship size is important Do you mind long boarding lines? Appreciate large scale entertainment? Ship size impacts almost everything.

The "days at sea" With so many options on board, the days are never boring.

Time in port vs days at sea: For how long and on what days does a ship visit? Remember, Sundays are often dead in Caribbean ports.

What about taking children? If you have some, definitely. Otherwise, borrow one.  Or take your grandkids.

Family & kid friendly ships: Some ships don't try to cater to families, others go out of their way to provide activities for kids.

Which cruise line is right for you? Word of mouth is everything. Talk to your friends who've cruised. Travel agents you have worked with know what you want. They can be helpful, too.

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