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What To Do on Days at Sea

If you can't find enough to do, no resort is likely to satisfy you.

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Caribbean Cruise Days at Sea
Things To Do On Board

For many cruisers, the best parts are the days at sea. They don't care if they ever touch land.

That's a little extreme but understandable. On a cruise, you're pampered from start to finish, waited on at every meal (and in between) and you have a huge choice of activities.

Every cruise ship is a complete resort. It just happens to float.

Cruise lines have invested millions to provide every conceivable type of entertainment, and most of it's free.

Every evening you'll receive a newsletter outlining the next day's activities, where they're held and at what time. Bored children shouldn't be a problem (except those who make career of being bored ).

These are the activities you can look forward to between ports. Not every ship offers all of them. Do your homework to match the activities to your interests.

  • Art auctions
  • Bingo
  • Card room
  • Casino gaming
  • Champagne bar
  • Children's programs (half and/or full day)
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Dance classes/contests
  • Exercise room
  • In-room movies (sometimes free)
  • Jogging track
  • Library
  • Miniature golf
  • Movie theater (free)
  • Pool & deck games
  • Preview description of the next port
  • Reading in a deck chair
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Room service
  • Shopping arcade
  • Sports bar
  • Spa (charge)
  • Special interest lectures (especially nature cruises)
  • Sunbathing
  • Tennis
  • Video arcade (free)
  • Volleyball
  • Wine Tasting (charge)

Unless your ship departs Puerto Rico or you're taking a quick Bahamas cruise, you can expect your first full day aboard to be a day at sea.

Take advantage of it, go exploring and learn all your ship has to offer. It may surprise you.

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More Questions to Consider

How much does a cruise really cost? What's included and what isn't could surprise you.

Aren't staterooms smaller than hotel rooms? Usually. But who's ever in one except to sleep?

What about taking children? If you have some, definitely. Otherwise, borrow one or take your grandkids.

Is ship size important? Yes, but not in ways you'll necessarily expect.

What kind of clothing do I need? Cruises are dressier than most beach resorts.

Which dinner seating is better, early or late?
Depends mostly on when you depart your Caribbean ports & whether you have children.

Can I sign up for shore excursions in advance? Or should I go my own way?

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