Christoffel National Park
The Zevenbergen Hike Part 2

Zevenbergen means "7 mountains." Enjoy the views!

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Zevenbergen Plantation Hike Part 2

At the summit of Seru Bientu, the leaves of the sabal palms are a soothing but dynamic sound in the ever-present wind. Another walk of 10 minutes on the trail along the northern slope will reward you with impressive views of the Knip and Lagun regions.

The final stop is the Zevenbergen mansion, unusual for its time because it was 2 stories instead of the typical single level. The name Zevenbergen means "7 mountains," and you have a view of them all from here.

Unfortunately, when this plantation merged with Knip plantation in 1864, the owner lived at Knip. These buildings were allowed to be almost leveled by wind and time.

The food storehouse (magnasina) on this plantation played an important role in the slave uprising of 1795. The Dutch did use slaves but local historians like to look kindly on their treatment in the ABCs, compared to elsewhere.

Still, slaves on Curacao rebelled twice, and their leaders were put to death. So, things weren't necessarily all that different.

In 1795, about a thousand slaves from all over the island took possession of several food storehouses in the Christoffel area, including this one. Bolstered by these supplies, the slaves could have withstood a siege indefinitely.

Fierce fighting here broke the revolt when the slaves were forced to surrender. This rebellion, like many in the Caribbean at this time, was prompted by the spreading news of the French revolution in 1789 and the subsequent freeing of slaves in Santo Domingo. Slavery was abolished here in 1863.

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