Dominica Whale Watchinhg
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Dominca Whale Watching

Dominica Spinner Dolphin

A pair of spinner dolphin explodes suddenly off our starboard bow like two sleek missiles. Almost without a splash they re-enter the water and almost immediately materialize near the point of our boat’s right pontoon, one animal on each side.

Other spinner dolphin splash around our boat or take up positions swimming parallel to our bow. It’s a real carnival ride, with the wide bow platform allowing us to sit and watch the dolphin from only a few feet away.

Spinner Dolphin, Dominica

Dominica is rapidly becoming known as the whale and dolphin watching capital of the Caribbean. Twenty-two different cetaceans have been counted here, including pilot, pygmy sperm, false killer, dwarf sperm, melon-headed whales, even giant humpback whales during winter. Spinner and spotted dolphin are plentiful throughout the year.

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