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Many of the cigars made in the Dominican Republic are world recognized brands. These include  Arturo Fuente, Carbonell, Juan Clemente, La Aurora, Leon Jimenez, Montecristo, Romeo y Julietas and Thiriet Mercedes.

Here is how the cigars differ.

Arturo Fuente Arturo Fuente cigars are family-made with high quality tobaccos. Described as a “heavyweight” cigar, they are made with Cameroon wrappers, except the Chateau Fuente
selection which uses a Connecticut wrapper.

Fuente cigars are produced in a “free trade zone” and to be shipped directly from the factory for
export. As a result, Fuente cigars are not available for purchase in the DR and the factories are not open for tours.

La Aurora
La Aurora possesses a mild to medium taste and includes a blend of Dominican tobaccos.
It is wrapped in African Cameroon leaves.

Leon Jimenez
Containing a Dominican filler and binder, Leon Jimenez is a medium taste cigar with a
Connecticut wrapper.

Carbonell is a very mild cigar that has no aftertaste, so it will not cling to breath, clothes or

A personal favorite of celebrity Rosie Perez, Cojimar is a sugar-tipped cigar made with
Dominican tobacco. Tourists are encouraged to try all 7 flavors, including amaretto and vanilla.

Juan Clemente
is a smooth cigar with a full-bodied taste. The filling and binder are from local Dominican agricultural areas. It contains a Connecticut wrapper.

The recipe for this famous cigar originated in Cuba, but the DR has manufactured its own version since 1995. Montecristo has a medium-to-heavy taste and uses a Connecticut
wrapper with a Cuban filler and binder.

Romeo y Julieta
Favored by Jack Nicholson, Romeo y Julieta provides a smooth, mellow taste and is made with a Dominican filler and binder. The wrapper used is grown in Indonesia.

Thiriet Mercedes
Thiriet Mercedes encompasses a mild-to-medium taste and has a Dominican long filler and binder with a Connecticut wrapper.

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