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Dominican Cigars -
The Different Parts of a Cigar

Besides knowing how cigars are made, it is advisable to be familiar with the basic components of a cigar. Having this information helps make anyone a more knowledgeable shopper.

Here is the anatomy of Dominican cigars.


Responsible for aroma and appearance, the wrapper is a high quality tobacco leaf that encloses the binder and filler. The leaf should feel thick and oily. The darker the color of the wrapper, the sweeter and stronger the flavor; also the greater the oil and sugar content of the cigar.

Light wrappers include Connecticut, Natural and Colorado Claro. Popular varieties of dark include Colorado, Colorado Maduro, Maduro and Oscuro.


The filler is the blend of tobacco leaves rolled into the center of the cigar. Taken from the middle
or base of the tobacco plant, the leaves partially determine how strong the cigar tastes and how distinctive its flavor will be.

The 2 types of filler include the long, an entire leaf rolled into the cigar, and a short, made of a variety of tobacco leaf scraps.


The binder is a leaf that holds the filler, which is then enclosed into the wrapper. The binder originates from the top of the tobacco plant, where extra exposure to the sun creates a strong flavor.

Some manufacturers will use the binder as a filler to increase the cigar’s flavor intensity.
It is the unique blend of wrappers, binders and fillers that determine the overall flavor of a cigar.

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